Stud dogs

Have you thought about studding your dogue out. Think he needs a mate to fulfil his life. Well think again.

Studding your dog out has many implications, firstly his behaviour. Can you handle your lovely mushy pet boy turning into a sex crazy male? By not castrating your male leaves him open to all types of testicular health problems, plus when he smells a bitch in season he’ll take off in search of her. This could mean crashing through your brand new fence.

Behavioural changes – some males will become more dominant once they reach sexual maturity. They can no-longer interact with other dogs and certainly not other males

Pining – Yes males do pine for their females. This can go on through the whole period he can smell an in-season bitch. Howling, crying, panting and not eating are just some of the symptoms

Infections – Oh yes dogs get STI’s too. Good stud dog owners will get their males tested regularly for STI’s but how do you know there clean? STI’s are horrible and do you really want your male to contract one of these. Herpes is a fatal disease to puppies and most stud owners wont know their male has this until its too late and the litter has died.

Healthy inside and out? Have you had your male health tested? Hearts are one of the most hereditary conditions amongst dogs. There are many other health issues you can have your boy tested for

Breed Type? Just because he’s healthy doesn’t mean he should be bred. Does he fit the breed standard as close as possible? What can he bring to the breed?

Are you doubling up on any faults if you choose to mate him to a female?

It Is the stud dog owners duty to advise on if they feel the mating will bring too many potential issues. IE if mum and dad both have level mouths, the pups have greater chance of them having level mouths. Thus “doubling up on a fault” maybe you should rethink the mating.

Turn people away – Just because you turn people away doesn’t make you a bad person. Ok so the bitches owners might be a bit unhappy but for doing the right thing and saying you don’t think it’ll work makes you a strong person as your bettering the breed. Just like males not every female should be bred.

Check out the bitches pedigree and past litters. All it takes is one phone call to the Kennel Club to get her history. Back to back breeding (i.e. puppies on subsequent season with no break!) more than once is a BIG NO NO how would you feel giving birth, then straight away getting pregnant again? Put yourself in your dogs shoes how would you feel

Stud dog age – It is an unspoken rule in the dog world that males aren’t used under 12 months. Firstly because health testing is mainly done after 12 months. You have a greater idea of the finished dog once he has reached this age. It is no good using an 8mth old male on a tiny female only to find out when he’s fully grown he’s no bigger than her – is that really bettering the breed?

To Be Continued ……….