Hi I’m Julie Minnican

We have 3 children and live in south east London.

Dogues – what can I say? We’ve had dogues for the last 8 years they are part of our family and just wouldn’t be without them.

So if I can help this amazing team to rehome and change the life of just 1 ginger ninja, then that makes everything worthwhile.

To know you can help change a life for the better there’s no greater feeling.


Hi my names Donna fayers I live in Essex with my partner and our 4 dogues and our staffi bow.

I work with ddb welfare any help out any way I can. We have had dogues for over 20 years. Our children have grown up to know and help out when they can with the welfare.

All my gingers are rescue and get along fine.  They range from 8 yrs to 18 months they are a huge part of our life  .

I met Doreen through welfare 5 yrs ago and have been helping out ever since.  There’s no feeling in this world better then knowing you have given one of these stunning dogs a second chance and that’s why we work with this amazing team xxxx


Hi my names Karen I’m 48 and live in Northampton.

I’ve had bordeaux for 18+ years I got my first boy as a friend for my youngest son who has autism and they were inseparable for 9 and a half years. From the moment he became part of our family I was hooked.

We have never bred from any of our dogs due to various health problems and believe breeding should only happen to enhance the health of the bread not for money so all our dogs have been part of our family.

We lost our last boy 3 years ago and due to my own ill health decided it wouldn’t be fair to have any more. That is when I got involved with welfare and started to foster.  It was perfect, I still got my bordeaux fix and could help all the poor babies that had found their way into rescue.  My rescued bulldogs had a continuous stream of playmates that they helped to heal and grow until their forever homes were found.

My health has declined further this year so I’ve not been able to foster at all which i miss terribly so I help out where I can on the admin side, but in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘I will be back’ – well hopefully lol xxxx


DDBW Jack of all Trades

Hi my names Amyjo, I am part of the Dogue de Bordeaux welfare family, My roles within DDB welfare are many.

I am responsible for all Dogue microchips, from when they join us to sending them onto there new families. I dog assess when taking a new Dogue in.  Homecheck those applicants wanting a loyal loving Dogue to complete there household.  I’ve done the occasional transport run and will always have a go if I can,  at raising some pennies to give another dog a chance.

I am a working  mummy to a little boy, three rescue dogs and a cat. We are an animal crazy house hold who are willing to go above and beyond for any animal. I get great satisfaction knowing if we work together we can make a difference and here at DDB Welfare we give it 100% effort.

Love makes the world go round.  With desire, the right attitudes and dedication we can make positive outcomes. X Amyjo DDB WELFARE FAMILY


DDBW Trainer


DDBW Coodinator


DDBW Treasurer