Our Sponsors

If you would like to help support a Dogue in foster care then please consider out Monthly sponsor a Dogue Scheme.
You just need to set up a monthly standing order directly to our bank and mark it as “Sponsor A Dogue”.  This will help support the Dogues vet bills and food while in our care.
Food per month is £50.00
Spaying and neutering and vet £250.00
Transport £50.00
Each dog on average costs around £350.00 – £400.00
Your monthly donation can help ease the cost and enable us to help more dogues

In memory of Ollie

Claus and Ember

Cookie and Diesel


Coral Tomkinson and Murphy


Doreen approached us in Dec 2015 to foster an 8 month old girlie. We brought her into our home, and within days we knew she was never going to leave.
She has grown in confidence and attends doggie day care and has made best friends with different dogs , which is amazing.
Katie would love to help other dogues in need.


Hi my names Lilly and have set up a small token a month to help a dogue in need
Thank you for letting me help

in memory of Harley

Lynn Macallister and Prudence

George aka Superman


Hello! My name is Marley Moo. I was adopted via Dogue de Bordeaux Welfare after my Mamz became a ‘failed fosterer’. I was very skinny when she first took me in and I have a heart murmur which means I get tired easily sometimes. My previous owner also left me with an eye infection untreated so now I have scarred eyes and don’t see very well.
Mamz was only supposed to have me for a month or two, but I went and stole her heart so she decided to make me her forever furbaby and I now live with my furbrother, Nelsy Boy, who is a scary Dobermann (not!). The Welfare has promised that if I need medicine for my heart when I get older that they will make sure I get it.
I would like other unwanted Dogues like me to find new, loving, homes and that’s why me and Nelsy Boy are doing the sponsoring a Dogue
All the best, Annya Marley Moo & Nelsy Boy

Heather McGuinness and Cooper

Betty Boo

My name is Betty Boo (left) and I was adopted via The Dogue de Bordeaux Welfare three years ago in September. The wonderful work the welfare does to support our breed costs lots of money and they rely on donations in order to help Dogues like me. My fur brother Beasley Dogue (Hinternashunal Sooperstar 🙄) and I have decided to help by sponsoring a Dogue in need! Bella the Labwabore kindly offered to donate her pocket money every month and we couldn’t think of a more worthwhile cause!

Why don’t you sponsor a Dogue too!

Love Betty & Beasley xxx

Ishka Monroe & Tia Lilly with their Mummy Leanne Philips


Lianna Marie and Chaya