Hi, Nellie is so gorgeous I can’t tell you how much we love her.

She’s now on permanent pain relief for her front legs as has arthritis and it has changed her so much. It’s now obvious how much pain she must have been in as she’s so bouncy and always playful. Her and my other dogue de bordeaux cross are inseparable.

My little one mothers her, grooms her and snuggles up to her. Nellie has a little whine if she’s finished a bone before the others and they give up theirs for her eventually! She gets her way a lot!

Enjoys her walks but doesn’t pull when on a halti type lead. The swellings on her elbows have gone down dramatically and the vets are very happy with her.

Real part of the family.


Hi Karen

Red is now Ralph. He is doing great. I do send photos occasionally to Doreen and Clare (his previous Foster Parent).
On Sunday, we took him to my Mothers. There was 2 small dogs and a house full of people and he was great.
2 of my Nephews could not believe it was the same dog they first met last year.


Thank u for the email as u can probably see she’s doing just great and filling the huge hole our big lad left. She’s adorable in every sense of the word and a wonderful addition to our home.




I am delighted to give you an update on Layla and how she is doing since she came in to our lives only last month.


In such a short time Layla has stolen all of our hearts, and has already claimed her important place within our family.  Layla is a real character and totally adorable as well as totally mad.  She really is the most loving dog ever, always by my feet always trying to please.  Still being a pup she has those mad moments when she gets that look in her eye and you just know she is going to tear around and bounce like a kangaroo and then she settles down and you hear a great big sigh as she drops into a deep sleep, snoring like a noisy old tractor.


With the help of a good harness and dog trainer, Layla now walks beautifully by my side when out for a walk, and is progressing each day with this. Layla still gets a bit confused when we see other dogs out, she is not sure if they are a playmate or a threat, but this is our next project to overcome and I know Layla and I will definitely manage this.


I am so glad I made the decision to adopt Layla and I wish the same for all the dogs you rescue at the DDB Welfare Trust.

I will attach some pictures of Layla

Lots of love and thank you to all of you who rescued Layla and allowed me to adopt her. The work you are doing is fabulous.