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Since Dogue de Bordeaux Litters were first registered with the UK Kennel Club in 1996 there has been a vast increase in the amount of puppies being bred each year! It’s all well and good providing the breeder takes responsibility for what they breed should the new owner not be able to keep the DDB for whatever reason in the future!

The figures to the right are with kind permission of the KC, but we need the public to understand too, that many litters are also born that aren’t registered, and many cross-bred too!

There are also health issues that are causing lots of problems for some DDB, which is proving very costly for the owners and very distressing for the Dogue’s concerned, some of these health issues are hereditary, which again causes concern as to some breeding practices in the UK.

We do advise anyone intending or already owning a Dogue to ensure you have insurance for your beloved pets!

Dog-napping is also on the increase so it is advisable that you micro-chip your Dogue if he/she is not already done so!

Sadly for the Dogue de Bordeaux there are some unethical breeders in the UK who exploit this wonderful breed, producing bad-tempered, unhealthy, sub-standard Dogue’s. Breeders like this also sell pups to some very unsuitable homes, another reason why the amount of Rescue Dogue’s is on the increase.

Any potential new owner looking for a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy should avoid lining the pockets of such unethical breeders. Please see our ‘Puppy Buyers’ page which we hope will help you find that Responsible Reputable Breeder. We will be posting a sample puppy contract this should be the minimum a breeder should provide you with.