Does a Breeder have the right Puppy for you and your family?

Researching the breed is imperative; look on the internet, read books and speak to as many breeders as is possible. Dogue de Bordeaux’s can be very expensive, do not buy a dogue just because it is cheap and equally, do not buy one because it is expensive. Ensure you research all potential breeders.

Good, reputable breeders will take the time to educate you on this magnificent breed, answering all the questions you may have.

Do not feel pressured into buying a pup from the first litter you see. Try to see at least 3 litters to give you something to compare too, this will also give you chance, to get a feel for different breeders, informing your decision when picking the correct breeder and puppy for you.

Good reputable breeders won’t mind you going to look at another litter before choosing a pup

Never pay a deposit on a pup you haven’t even seen, unless it is a refundable deposit and you get that in writing!

A reputable breeder will allow you to visit the pups at 5-6wks old, if you are happy with what you see only then  should you leave a deposit if required

Never buy a pup from a shop that sells multiple breeds or direct from the papers.

Good reputable breeders don’t need shops or papers to sell their pups they will always come on recommendations from previous puppy buyers

Try and see at least one of the parents of the puppy

A reputable breeder will be able to show you mother of the pups and put you into contact with father of the pups. They may even have other family members at their kennels to show you.

Check the age of the bitch, she should be at least 22 months old having her first litter, before this age she is not mature enough in mind or body!!!! This can be checked with the Kennel Club. Also check how many litters she has had and when. Make sure her last litter was over 6 months ago ie she has a season in between litters

It is advisable that your breeder has health checked; hip and elbow scored both parents. This is a debatable topic that creates much controversy amongst breeders, however for the health of your puppy and the future of the breed this is advisable. It does not offer any guarantees that you pup will not develop health problems in the future, however it is a recommendation from the kennel club accredited breeder scheme. Please also ensure she hasn’t been bred constantly (ie no break between seasons)

A good and reputable breeder will always try and improve on the health of the puppies they produce .

Be prepared to be vetted.

A good reputable breeder has the pups well being at the forefront of their  mind, so will equally have as many questions about you and your lifestyle as you do about the Dogue de Bordeaux and their puppies.

When you choose a puppy, expect that it will be endorsed with breeding restrictions. Reputable breeders will provide you with a puppy pack and a contract for the care of you dogue, encouraging you to return to them for advice should you encounter any problems with your dogue in the future.

A good and reputable breeder will want to ensure the safety and welfare of the pup for its whole life and not just while it lives with them.

Run through all advertising promises with the breeder….if they claim their litter’s sire or Dam is ‘Top Winning’ or ‘Champion’ then ask them for the proof….if they say they are vaccinated ensure you get the card with the vaccine label inside, ask to see the 5 generation pedigree and make sure the breeder gives you one if you do purchase one of theirs.