Some Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are contemplating dog breeding, there are certain questions that you will need to ask yourself before proceeding:
•        Have I the time to devote to a litter until the puppies are old enough to go to their new homes, which is usually around eight weeks?

•        Am I knowledgeable enough to advise new owners about the various aspects of caring for their puppies, including rearing, diet, training and health problems?

•        Can I afford to pay for the recommended health tests for the bitch prior to mating her and, where necessary, her litter?

•        Do I know enough to help the bitch during the whelping, if necessary?

•        Can I afford to pay for a caesarean should the dam have difficulty whelping the litter?

•        Could I cope with a very large litter of, say, 10 or 12 puppies?

•        Do I have sufficient knowledge to rear the litter correctly, including on worming, vaccinations and socialisation?

•        Would I be able to find good homes for the puppies?

•        Am I in a position to take back or re-home any puppies if it becomes necessary?

•        If you have not been able to say yes to all of the above questions, then dog breeding may not be for you.

•        You may therefore wish to consider having your bitch spayed to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies; your breed club or the breeder of your bitch may be able to provide you with further expert advice.

Breeding Is not to be taken lightly. Here we discuss pitfalls of breeding your beloved dogue


As harsh as this may sound are you prepared for it? Not many people consider it a possibility they may lose the dam when breeding her. She may be a beloved pet whom you thought “it’d be nice to let her have babies” Bitches in whelp die for numerous reasons, poor health, poor heart, malnourishment, during labour she can become stressed leading to possible death, a C-Section resulting from a stuck puppy (which is a major operation) can result in her death, the list of causes can go on.
Puppy mortality can also be high. It is not unheard of for even the most experienced breeder to lose a whole litter. Though this is uncommon again this is something to prepare yourself for. It is common though for at least 1 puppy to be stillborn, have a birth defect or puppy fading syndrome.


We recommend if you are thinking of breeding to purchase and read thoroughly the “book of the bitch” which is available to purchase online. This explains all the pitfalls of breeding and how tough it really can be.
You think a baby sounds tough, a litter of puppies is even harder. They require 24/7 monitoring. Dams often lay on their young which can be fatal. Dam rejects her litter leaving you to bottle feed them round the clock. Extra heating and food bills and of course vets bills.
If this hasn’t put you off then please keep on reading.

Contracts and New Homes

We 110% recommend you have a contract for your new puppy owners.
We 110% recommend ALL puppies are endorsed and the contract clearly states what requirements need to be fulfilled in order to lift the breeding endorsement.
We 110% recommend any puppy which has a severe fault as listed by the breed standard or health defect to be sold on a pet only contract and new owner made aware the puppy will need to be spayed/castrated at a suitable age and is not to be used for breeding

We 110% recommend that a return to breeder clause is put into the contract so if for any reason the new owners cannot care for their puppy at any stage in his/her life they must return to you the breeder
There are many other clauses that can be put into a contract we feel the above are the most important.


The Cost of Breeding

Here is a rough guide to the financial cost of breeding.

Stud fee – £800

Progesterone Test – £80

Ultrasound – £40

Worming for Bitch and Pups – £60

Calcium Tablets – £40

Whelping Box – £70

Heat Lamp/Mat – £30

Whelping Kit (scales, surgical scissors, umbilical clamps, bulb syringe, thermometer, id tags, puppy colostrum, gloves, bottles, syringe feeding kit,) – £40

Misc Items – Towels, Bucket, Sponges, Disinfectant – £30

Puppy Milk – £60+

Extra feed for mum and pups – biscuit – £150

Fresh Human grade meat – £500

Vets Bills – C-Section £1400 inc medication

Puppy checkups and vaccines – £30 a puppy (poss £300)

Heating Bills £??

Water Bills £??

That alone is Over £3000. If you only get 1 puppy?? and lose your bitch? is it worth it?