The DDB Welfare was established in May 2007 by Bev Graham. This non-profit organisation was put in place for the Welfare of the Dogue de Bordeaux in the UK, and is hoped that this will help many unfortunate Dogue de Bordeaux who may need caring hands! We also wish to share our knowledge of the breed with anyone hoping to share their life with one!

If you intend or are thinking about starting your own breeding program, we are here to advise on what makes a responsible breeder! We know we won’t stop the breeding of these dogs, but if you get the correct advice from the start, take it on board, then at least you set yourself a high standard to begin with, hopefully ones you breed won’t end up on our ‘DDB in Need’ page, which is why we are also here to help and educate breeders too!

Today Bev is still the patron and founder of the welfare but due to the breed popularity and high puppy numbers her team has now expanded greatly. Headed by Doreen Joy (qualified dog trainer) now covers all four corners of the UK and more recently Ireland.

We have a huge team of volunteers from advice experts ranging from Top breeders, Pet Owners to Top Breed Handlers. We have a great transport team, Foster homes and of course assessors. Without all these people giving up their spare time and hearts it would make our job extremely hard indeed.

Our Goal